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The iFitModel program and its clients have been featured on various media outlets including TV, Magazine and Internet Blog Sites.

We examine every detail of what you need to do and lay it out in simple easy to follow program. The iFitModel Coaches are some of the best in the entire industry.

Lifestyle Coaching Program Includes

By now you "know" what you need to do, but why is it that you aren't able to achieve the results you set out to get?

Most likely you are doing one or more of these "Common Mistakes"

Most Common Mistakes

You "think" you're eating healthy

If you are not losing body fat or if your efforts have come to a stand still then it's time to consider that your "healthy" eating really isn't working for you. It's time to try something different.

Doing Light Weight and a lot of Reps to "Tone"

In order to "tone" you have to do two things; One, lose body fat. Two, gain muscle. Light weight will NOT help you gain muscle thus not helping you get "tone".

Having No Solid Plan in Place

Do you just wander around the gym and guess what you should do based on how you feel that day? Do you know what types of sets and reps are ideal for muscle increase? Do you know what plan you're following next month? If you cannot answer these questions with absolute certainty then chances are you are just winging it and results could be minimal at best.

Relying on Cardio for Your Fat Loss

Yes, cardio helps you lose fat, but that's short term. Ever notice how when you stop doing cardio, you start gaining fat again? What if you could do less cardio and burn more fat?

Not Knowing When to Change and How to Change Your Plan

When starting a new plan, it can often feel like picking one of a hundred doors. It's a guessing game a crap shoot. Maybe it will work and maybe it will not. Knowing the exact time to change your plan and what is the best phase to change it to, is essential so you never plateau.

Not Being Accountable to Anything or Anyone

Have you set a goal of losing 15 lbs by a certain date to only push the deadline back month after month because you keep "messing up"? Do you get frustrated and quit because you're not seeing results fast enough? People are most successful when they are accountable to someone, and when they can understand what "normal" weight loss is. That's one part of working with an iFitModel Coach.

What You Will Learn with iFitModel

Know Which Combinations of Foods Your Body Responds to the Best

Through a series of monthly focuses, you'll instantly start learning what you feel best doing, what your body likes, and which foods get you the best results.

Learn the Types of Exercises That Get the Most Results

A lot like learning which foods work best for you, your exercising methods will have a similar approach. You'll learn what will get you the best results, be introduced to new exercises, and know what you can maintain over a lifetime.

Learn to Apply the "iFitModel Elements of True Healthy Living"

"Healthy Living" goes beyond being lean and looking good. It's an overall balance of your physical appearance, family and social life, everyday lifestyle and your emotional wellness. Learn how to balance all of these and start living a life you truly love.

Understand How to NOT be "Perfect" and STILL Get Results

The biggest myths that surround getting results are that you have to eat boring and flavorless food, you can't have any fun without sacrificing results, and you have to spend hours in the gym to see incredible results. The truth; you don't have to be "perfect" to get the amazing body you've always wanted.

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