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iFitModel has coached 25 International and World Champions, has created numerous pros in the competition world, and has helped athletes land covers and features in various magazines.

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We examine every detail of what you need to do and lay it out in a simple, easy to follow program. The iFitModel Coaches are some of the best in the entire competition industry, and a "One Stop Shop" for EVERYTHING you need to be the Next iFitModel World Champion!!!

Coaching Program Includes

Scientifically Designed Nutrition Program

Weekly Coaching Check In's

Posing Coaching

Strategy Sessions to Winning Your Pro Card

Have you always wanted to do a fitness competition but just have not "pulled the trigger"?
Have you competed before and did not place as well as you hoped for?

If this is you, chances are you are making some very common mistakes, and not allowing yourself to truly flourish in becoming the next champion.

Most Common Mistakes

Doubting if Your Body Can Get to "Competition Level"

This is the number one reason people don't do a show. We are science "nerds" and know what a human body is truly capable of.

Thinking You Need to Follow a "Competition Diet" When Competing

Like any fad diet out there, a "diet" is temporary. A "competition diet" is also temporary. The best approach is to follow a plan that you can actually do for the rest of your life without any trouble sticking to it instead of doing a temporary and short term program.

Not Using a Coach OR Using a Friend/Guy at the Gym for FREE Nutrition "Coaching"

What if you could work with a coach that has created 100's of 1st Place winners, 21 World Titles, and has college degrees and over 50 certifications to back the scientific methods? Just because it's free, doesn't mean it will make you a champion.

Thinking that Getting Lean is What Your ONLY Focus Should Be

Yes, getting lean is part of getting ready for a show, but do you have enough muscle to compete at a high level? Most people start with very low amounts of muscle that ideal for a fitness competition

Not TRULY Knowing the Rules of Your Division and Organization

This mistake can seem so simple, but it is by far one of the most common mistakes. Stage attire, posing, and judging completely changes from organization-to-organization.

Thinking You Can "Wing It" with Your Posing

You have spent so many months preparing, so much time in the gym, and so much mental effort to get to show day. Don't negate your months of effort with posing that is less than desirable. You'll be kicking yourself for making this mistake.

What You Will Learn with iFitModel

Your Individualized Strategy and Processes to Win Your Show

You will not find one iFitModel Athlete that has ever followed the same program or strategy to get ready for a show. We MUST know your exact path, and with iFitModel, we take all the guess work out of what you should be doing so we can elevate you to greatness.

Know Which Combinations of Foods Your Body Responds to the Best

Through a series of monthly focuses, you'll instantly start learning what you feel best doing, what your body likes, and which foods get you the best results to be show ready.

Understand ALL of the Divisions That Are Right for Your Body Type

Most of our clients compete in more than one division and most have placed Top 5 in all. We will give you all of your options and set you up for elite success for all divisions you compete in.

Learn How to Maintain Your Ideal Body All Year WITHOUT Following a "Competition Diet"

Let's face it, nobody wants to get in great shape then just let it all go a few months later. With the iFitModel program, we not only teach you how to get your ideal physique, but show you how to keep it for a lifetime.

Know EXACTLY What the Judges are Looking for In Order for You to Win

With a series of videos and lessons, iFitModel will show you what makes a Champion through the eyes of the judges. Your program will be specifically designed around these elements that the judges seek so winning becomes your destiny.

Learn the Ideal Posing for Your Body Type

iFitModel has a very unique posing system that no company or coach in the world uses. We will help you highlight your best features, minimize your weaknesses, and bring out the stage personality you didn't even know you had. When you watch an iFitModel Athlete pose, you can immediately tell there something different in the way we do things.

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