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Each Body By O program is tailored to your individual goal. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned veteran or somewhere in between, these customized plans will help you sculpt your ideal physique.

Once you have chosen a program, please feel free to call the Body By O Office at 951-695-8805 to discuss the soonest date available to start your new program and create the transformation of a lifetime.

iFitModel was founded by Fitness Expert, Aaron Zambrano. After spending two decades in the industry as a personal trainer and coach, Aaron was able to identify over 20 basic and complex problems people face when it comes to dramatically changing and improving their bodies and mindsets.

iFitModel uses this framework for every client whether you are doing a competition or simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Every iFitModel program is fact based and teach people advanced sciences of nutrition and exercise, in a very easy to understand program.

iFitModel is a Coaching company that is much more than simply giving a program to follow. People have spent many years of their lives trying to just “follow a plan” only to fail year after year.

Where iFitModel differs from “Online Training”, is that we not only provide you the most scientific and detailed plan laid out in an easy to follow structure, but you get coaching and guidance every step of the way from your certified iFitModel Coach.

Fitness and nutrition programs are a dime-a-dozen and can be found on every corner of the internet. Having a plan is the easy part, but getting your actions to align with your goals is the toughest part, and where most people fail. This is where our coaching program comes into play. With the iFiModel Coaching Program, you will get the guidance, support, and education you need to follow the plan day, which all leads to your end goal.

Aaron Zambrano (Founder and Lead Coach)

Aaron Zambrano has been a leader in health and Fitness for 20 years. He obtained is Kinesiology degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, and received personal training and nutrition certifications from ACE, Cooper Institute, TELOS, RTS, AMF, Ortho Kinetics, and New Skills Academy.

Aaron started as a personal trainer and certified nutritionist to "healthy lifestyle" clients and learned to master the processes of making huge transformations with his clients.

After a decade of working with "healthy lifestyle" clients, Aaron started his own personal journey of doing a fitness competitions. He competed in multiple shows (10 total), at the local and regional level, and many International competitions (Fitness Paris. Fitness America and Fitness Universe World Championships).

After success in the competition arena, Aaron wanted to teach the systems and processes he created on becoming and International Level Fitness Model Competitor to future competitors.

Since the creation of his competition program, Aaron has coached 25 World Champions and over 50 1st place finishers in their respective shows not to mention over 100 top 5 placings.

Aaron has coached more World Champions than any other Fitness Competition Coach in Texas, and his iFitModel Competition Team has placed higher than any other team from Texas since 2015, placing as high as 2nd in the entire world.

Aaron continues to refine and improve each of his programs and creates future leaders in the fitness industry, whether it be in developing nutrition and exercise coaches, social influencers or fitness modeling.

Aaron is also a well respected speaker in the Houston area, speaking for many of largest companies in the world (Shell Oil, Lyondell Bassell, Norton Rose Fulbright)

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